NCS MagiSign for Adobe Illustrator plug-in

NCS MagiSign 2.3.3


Step 1 : Create

Step 2 : Select

Step 3 : Setup

Step 4 : Cut

Step 4 : Cut

When the values of your choice are defined in each manager, you just have to confirm your setup.

Your cutting plotter moves and produces your signs.

As far as the job is done, you will be back in Adobe Illustrator, ready to prepare an other job or proceed with another color.

Result could appear like this

after weeding the foil

After weeding the foil,

vinyl project could appear like this

Want to keep time by plotting in background or from a remote computer ?

We deliver NCSGo, a solution around CUPS to drive your cutting plotter as a production device. Ask us for more info !

NCS MagiSign is not a new sign software, but the latest generation of our collection of plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator dedicated to signmaking from 1995. It is currently the unique and best solution for all of us who want to produce signs and commonly create our projects within Adobe Illustrator.

We keep at your disposal for any further information about our products.

We invite you now to continue the MagiSign tour by a in-depth description of the 6 managers of the NCS MagiSign palette.

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